You can achieve ANY goal in your life – Just 6 Circle it!

”If you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!”—Albert Einstein.

What it is that we can do to achieve our dreams? What is needed to be done to obtain our vision? What is that piece of puzzle that connects all the pieces of information we receive daily, together? The six circle model will help us to achieve our goals.

The 6 Circle Model:

6 Circles Model

Old Results

Everything that we are in now are the group of results, it’s our current reality and let’s call it Old Results.

Old Actions

To understand how we get where we are today we must do some reverse engineering, what actions we did/did not undertook that caused these results..

Old Thoughts

Actions always occur because of noticing (these are our thoughts). We think about a certain thing in a certain way and act accordingly. Thoughts are the underlying cause of our actions and thus the outcomes this is how we shape our current reality.

Thus, if we want to change this and want better results in our lives, we have to think and act differently in order to correlate our actions to our desired outcomes.

New Thoughts

Let’s put it in simple words: Our new way of thinking which is in line to our new desired outcomes are our new thoughts.

New Actions

Different thinking results in different actions, therefore, called ‘new actions’ simple logic isn’t It?

New Results

As simple as it sounds, these are the new outcomes that come with new thinking and actions. But here is the pitfall. This is not always the case and we have to face many obstacles to achieve our ‘New Results’

There are two main obstacles, we will think about and analyze them.

  1. We change our thoughts toward certain situations and new thoughts are enjoyably float in our minds, which is a gigantic step. But when it comes to applying these new revolutionary thoughts in form of actions we tend to repeat the old actions again and again, as a result of that we get the same old results again. It happens all the time in our life, with colleagues, friends etc.
  2. The second obstacle is that we create new thoughts and in a result to that new actions are born, but in many cases we get the same old results again. What happens next is that we start thinking that we have tried our best but it still didn’t work. In this case the most common reaction is that we go back to the old thoughts and actions again, this a common trap we all mostly fall in.

Now let’s think for a moment, why this happened?

When we decided to change ourselves, we did not share it with anyone and we drastically change instantly. The people surrounding us are not comfortable in coming out of their comfort zones and therefore they become skeptical of our behaviors. They start doubting our motives behind the sudden change and thus, they do not accept it, the result…we get demotivated and ultimately give up!

The key to the solution of this problem here is simple…Never ever give up! Keep trying and trying until people start trusting our actions and intentions. Doesn’t matter if we keep on getting old results; remember there is no going back!

To promote our new actions we must empower ourselves with three intelligent emotions:

  1. Faith
  2. Determination
  3. Perseverance

We can utilize them to never go back to our old thoughts and actions ever again. As the time passes by the new results we achieve will become old results, just circle them again! That way we will able to create a whole new reality for our life.

How to use the 6 circle model

Just draw 6 circles on paper, the old thoughts on bottom left next the old actions and the old results. Do the same for new actions and its results. On top of your new results write your dream goal to strengthen your faith and therefore reflect it in your actions. In the beginning you will find it a bit challenging finding old thoughts and actions because you were convinced back then that those were the right steps that you were after. Keep writing those thoughts because writing down is important.

Why this Model is Handy for Success?

How many times have you read books about things I should start doing, how to cure depression, frustration, anger, societal pressures, etc a lot of times right? But the question is, there is so much information in there how can we ensure its applications to achieve our dream? The answer is the 6 circle model, draw it write it…the path will be clear!


The 6 circle model will help us achieve any goals in our lives. We just have to list down our old thoughts that resulted in old actions. We have to think and act differently that correlates with old thoughts. To anticipate new results we have to incorporate in ourselves the three intelligent emotions i.e. faith, determination and perseverance. We must utilize them to never go back to the old thoughts and actions ever again. Accept the failure as part of the process and never give up!

Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting different results”.


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