The 6 Keys to Reaching & Enjoying Your Life’s Best Success | Marnie Swedberg

Key #1. You are completely unique. There is no one else on planet earth just like you. You are made up of two billion base pair of DNA, strung together in a particular way, unlike anyone else in all of history. If you are not living boldly to your full potential, the entire world is missing out. Your mission is to get very clear about why you are here. For what purpose are you existing on planet earth today?

Key #2. The next goal is to move beyond looking successful, to actually being successful, and enjoying your life. The key here is to play to your DNA. Consider your fingerprint: It is designed like an ever-expanding circle, from the core to the external ridges. You begin at the outside edge, following a path of exploration until you reach the core – the center of your purpose in life. As you progress, you reach ever higher levels of achievement in particular areas of expertise. Your job is to embrace each educational opportunity to move directly toward your goals.

Key #3. The very fastest way to reach any goal is to be sure your goal is aligned perfectly with your DNA. You are body electric: You are sending off vibrations, resonating at a particular pitch. Your vibrations never lie. When you set goals that do not resonate with who you are and how you were built, you will either never reach them, or, if you do, you will find no satisfaction in them. The best and fastest way to reach and enjoy your goals is to be sure they are in alignment with your DNA.

Key #4.  In order to be able to say “yes” to every opportunity that aligns itself with your deepest desires, you must learn to say “no” to the things that take you away from them.  Every decision takes us closer or farther away from our goals. Memorize and internalize this phrase:

Every time I say yes to one thing, I have said no to
something else. And every time I say no to something,
I have, in effect, said yes to something else.

Key #5. Procrastination is the intentional focus of the conscious mind on a less important task in order to avoid doing a more important one. You have good reasons for making this choice, and as you understand and take responsibility for each, as a decision, you’ll be able to get yourself to do what you’ve been avoiding. Remember the analogies of traffic lights, skydiving, and the game show. It is only when you become very clear about your true purpose, mission and direction, that you will be able go directly toward your goals, without procrastination.

Key #6.  Patience is a powerful virtue, and when working toward a goal, it is the most important thing. Imagine a pregnant woman giving up hope of ever delivering a child, because it hadn’t yet been born after six months. Imagine a farmer pulling up his crop, because it hadn’t born fruit in three weeks. We do this all the time with our hopes and dreams. We plant a seed, water it faithfully for a while, but when it doesn’t sprout and bear fruit quickly, we lose hope, uproot it, and plant something else in its place. Once you are clear about your mission and goals, be persistent in pursuing them until you achieve them.

Some goals take days to attain, while others take a lifetime. No matter the length of the journey, when the destination aligns itself vibrationally with your DNA, you will find a way, and the results will bring you great satisfaction.


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