Reprogram Your Toxic Mindset So You Can Heal Your Life! | Nadia Leona Yunis

There is a misconception that our feelings create our thoughts however it is our thoughts that create our feelings.

Most of our thoughts are not real and most of our thoughts are the cause of our daily pain and struggles.

Our mindset is operating from a specific paradigm and this is creating our current results in all areas of our life.

To solve any problem effectively and permanently, we must get to the root cause of the problem.

To heal our toxic mindset, we need to understand our current mindset blueprint – the one we are currently operating from – as this is shaping our current reality.

There is also a misconception that we can’t quieten the mind or control our thoughts.

However, we can control our thoughts and we must take control of our mind.

I ask you, ‘What is your next thought right now?’

And more than likely you’re staring back and me with a blank look.

What does this prove?

Simply that, we can choose what thoughts we want to entertain in our minds and we can create our reality through our chosen thought patter.

You see, whatever we focus on becomes our reality.

If you keep asking yourself, ‘Why am I thinking such negative thoughts?’ or ‘Why does this keep happening to me?’ then check what your current thought pattern is right now – therein lies the answer to your questions.

Controlling our thoughts are done through,

  • Self-awareness – when and why are we having specific reoccurring thoughts?
  • What emotions are associated with these thoughts?
  • What actions do we take or not take due to these thoughts?

This is the first step – self-awareness – if we are not aware of the issue or problem or our current mindset blueprint then we can’t make the necessary and important positive changes.

We need to learn about and understand different types of mindsets – and we are all operating from either one of these or both.

Do we have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

A quick way to check is to see how you feel about change in a specific area of your life.

Are you someone who is open to learning new experiences or afraid of the unknown and comfortable with the way things have been going so far in life?

Instead of focusing on what we can’t control we must focus on what we can control – our thoughts.

Our mind contains a set of cognitive features such as consciousness, subconciousness, habits, paradigms, perception and imagination.

It’s important to understand these cognitive features as they are a part of us and playing a big part in our life.

Once you’re aware of your thought patterns, you can consciously decide to let them go through various exercises.

One of these exercises is to set a timer for 15 minutes and write out all negative thoughts and things you say to yourself and what others have said to you.

Once the times goes off you rip up that piece of paper and throw it away.

This is a symbolic and action based way of getting rid of the old and starting with the new now.

Now, picture your ideal life – and think all the things associated with that ideal life.

What thoughts are you thinking?

What words are you using in your mind to describe it??

How do you feel thinking all this?

This is your imagination faculty working to create your awesome life now.

If we can use our imagination to think up all the false and negative stories then we can use it to think up all the positive and true stories we want to create for ourselves.

Once you have done this, grab your notebook or journal and start writing and speaking life into your soul.

Become the beacon of light in your life and help others through your words too.

Write positive statements for yourself and speak them daily.

If you need help on this then just go to YouTube – it has many videos on affirmations and positive thinking.

It’s not just about positive thinking though – it’s about healing your toxic mind to live a happy and healed life and to excel in all areas of your life.

You deserve it and you’re worth it!


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