Mapping The Blueprint for Success by Dr Olivier J. Becherel

Success is the result of extensive research in neuroscience, human behavior and thousands of hours of working one-on-one with clients from around the world. In this webinar the speaker has translated cutting-edge neuroscience about brain function into a simple practical framework that everyone can utilise in their everyday life to achieve more success in their personal life and career.

Success only becomes possible when you are authentic to yourself. The 3 key principles to start thinking about how to achieve success and what are the mindset components that need to be integrated are:

  • Attention creates change- attention changes perception which change your reality
  • Rational is overrated- we do things without being aware o what we are doing because of our prefrontal cortex
  • Social is primary- we are social beings and the social aspect of our lives plays a major role in decisions we make.

How we function in life is like an ice berg there are processes which are visible and there are processes that are invisible. People usually observe our outside which are generally our behaviors, habits and results coming from those habits. And below the surface there are invisible processes which are usually are thinking and emotions. The true essence of success relies on what we think and what we feel.  The importance of thinking and feeling, are both critical as they both impact your decision-making and performance. The key to success is maintaining a balance between these two (rational and emotional) for achieving results and growth.

Successful people are like icebergs – what you don’t see below the surface is much more important than what you do see above the water. There is a universal governing principle your brain uses to drive your everyday decisions, actions, behaviors and results. It causes you to stay away from bad and negative behaviors and attracts you more towards good and positive behavior.

There are 3 universal roadblocks to success. No matter what your industry or career, these roadblocks are what’s holding you back from fast tracking your success:

  • Lack of focus and attention- its is very easy to get distracted pertaining to loads of information received in today’s world
  • Fear, shame and guilt- can hold people back from achieving their goals
  • Lack of strategy for execution – not having clarity about steps for achieving certain goals.

Based on the evolution of the brain and its different layers (Neocortex- Describes vision and purpose, Brain stem-tells you the next step and Limbic brain- which builds your memories and desires) a “Blueprint for Success” brings forth a structure and key aspects to focus on in order to achieve personal and professional development.

There are simple ways to get clearer on who you are and articulate your purpose, because both are necessary to pull you forward. Developing skills in managing emotions and becoming resilient to change are paramount these days, and the speaker share with you one of the most effective way to equilibrate your perceptions so you can avoid getting caught up in an emotional rollercoaster and waste previous time and energy:

  • Determine Core values & drivers
  • Begin with end in mind
  • Describe your vision
  • Write your purpose statement
  • And monitor progress in a personal journal

Using this simple model, you can learn to adopt new perspectives that can dramatically improve your situation, the way you feel, and future outcomes.

  • Manage your emotions(perceptions)
  • Dissolve self imposed mental obstacles
  • Relate and empathize
  • And collaborate with others

Throughout the webinar, there is a list of quality questions to ask yourself along your journey and identify the key aspects to focus on to gain clarity, confidence, keep momentum, and move forward. These will assist you better understand yourself and what you can do to optimize your performance, success and wellbeing. It provides a solid brain-based framework that you can refer to over and over again to help refine your journey, optimize your wellbeing and fast track your personal, professional and business success.


Click Here to download the summary transcript.

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