Managing Your Social Media While Doing Your Business | Raquel Jensen

We have around 1.6 billion users on facebook and 1.4 billion using youtube and other social media sites such as twitter, etc.

94% of users are on facebook in Arab region and a 46% shift to goggle plus is an interesting trend to look for. Saudi Arab is ranked 7th in the world in terms of individual accounts on social media and twitter is the 5TH most visited site, where an average Saudi tweets almost 5 times a day which is extremely active.

But the question is whether your presence online on social media is fully optimized? Does your online presence support your clients and prospects and are you managing your presence effectively (having a consistent content over time)?

When we have more information which can be transmitted visually, like through YouTube, etc it’s a great method of communicating and conveying your messages. LinkedIn is the best place to showcase your business products. We need to promote/market our products in a way that it entices people to buy it. No matter how good our product is we need to promote it correctly over social media to make it successful. To do this we have a litmus test. We all use different search engines for searching the social media for various things may be blogs, videos, my business names, my brands, my competitors, or anything mentioned on social media I am/might be interested in. We must make sure, that our brand name being shown up on search engines is projected in a positive way as this information about us is being constantly shared and spread over social media.

In order to establish the base line there are two things to look for:

  1. Establish Google alerts, as it can push information in your inbox and provide you with whatever keywords you are looking for.
  2. The online name your brand have is present, consistent and named appropriately across social media platform.

e.g if your brand name is abc, chose the same name everywhere: or and etc.

Personal and Business Branding

Your presence on social media is an extension of your business as much as your business presence. Keep in mind: who are the people you serve and check does your online presence reflect this? Is it possible for people to easily follow us/look up for us/find answers to questions they have about us?

Creating business visibility is creating an online presence. It is to make sure that what I have online reflects my business properly, the information which is needed and credibility is established (transaction is smooth).

So when you are out building your business you have the social media building your presence and influence. You are the person positioned appropriately to whom people come for when they have questions.

Major social networks:

These places are the residences online that have our email, website, phone number, logo infact they have our branding on unrented places. All these embassies drive the traffic to your business when people are searching for you online and ultimately generate business for your organization/brand.

How to Do That?

Being engaged and consistent is what going to provide the results what we want from our online presence. Where social media can divide us it gives us to publish information without applying any filters (unlike going through journalism/media). The tools are simply the vehicle, the information we provide is the main factor that contributes to our online success. An informed online customer is a very good brand ambassador and can spread a very good word of mouth for your brand. Your content platform must:

  • Inform
  • Inspire
  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Advocate

Types of Content

  • Video
  • Instagram photos
  • Info-graphics
  • Audios
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Screenshots

Most business curate the content (articles, blogs, websites, etc you collect across social media you share it/post it straight away on your social media). Or you can actually create the content all by yourself.

There are various tools to create your own content library. Its always good to have content and better to have content calendar.

Out of all this, we have established a way to optimize our presence online. On top of our experience in industry creating a unique platform, that’s what elevates us from or competitors. The more you are in front of your client/prospects the better you are. Creative content is what going to last you in your field.


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