It’s time to step down as a manager – 5 Top Signs

Change is a continuous process, be it for the organization as a whole or for the individuals. Managers must realize this fact and understand that what worked once might not work always and forever. Strategies require new dimensions, new thoughts, new perceptions, in short a completely new management style. Managers who were promoted to the managerial posts if were unable to cope with the demands of their new role or have been performing well initially but at some point for one reason or another, they derail then it’s the time they start re-evaluating themselves by asking some questions: Is your passion shifting? Are you healthy enough to continue?  Are you bored? Do you continue to have fresh ideas? Is a different skill set necessary? Are you placing the good of the organization first? The answers to these questions will ultimately reveal the direction of decision managers should adopt for the betterment of the organization, the team and themselves.

But when do they start asking themselves these questions? There are 5 top signs that indicate they need re-evaluation and to step down aside as a manager

  1. Lack of Innovation

When team members approach them, they tend to “pop more balloons than they inflate”. Every new idea is discarded as “flavors of the months” and would seem require too much time and effort to be bothered taking worry of implementing them. They obstinately defend their old way of working and are not ready to try new things by always finding a lame excuse: “we have tried that before and it didn’t work”.

  1. Lack of interest

The paradigm of their interest shifts from leading people to mostly doing stuff on their own. They stop developing their employee/team members and start reading more books on what is the latest technology in their field then on leadership/management. They approach leadership programs with cynicism and doubts.

  1. Lack of Mentoring

If their team member/employees start looking for other mentors for guidance in their routine tasks/on any organizational/individual level crisis they are facing the manager needs some serious rethinking!

  1. Lack of Team/Individual Meetings

If a manager has lately been feeling more comfortable in the isolation of his office working on his most favorite project staying disconnected with the rest of the staff this sign is essential enough to indicate that he has failed as a manager/leader.

  1. Lack of Good Health

If the stress of the managerial position is causing serious damages to the individual’s health, his energy levels is mostly down and he is generally never feeling happy it’s high time he should take the courage of stepping down from his post.

It’s a really difficult task to self assess oneself; therefore, the best strategy is to look for a person who can provide one with un-biased mentoring and genuine feedback. The decision is obviously hard to take and might result in a loss of status, pay and power. But ultimately, it’s always better to make the right decision at the right time and save one’s own dignity rather waiting for somebody else to make one realize that he/she is no more needed.

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