How to Turn Your Employees into Ambassadors for Your Brand | Sandra Coyle

Employees can be your strongest brand ambassadors. They live your brand in their working lives and may just be waiting for a chance to more effectively communicate their company’s brand to their family and friends in a more inclusive and empowering way. But how do you effectively engage that audience to expand your brand awareness?

As a first step, it is important to educate and empower each and every one of your employees. As a recent Edelman study found, the public is more likely to trust and give credibility to your employees than your leadership. What they share on digital will be shared further than the same messages on your brand’s channels.

Keep them informed on developments within the company from changes in strategy to new product development and promotions. Provide them with key messaging around the mission, vision and brand values of your company and provide them with training and guidance on how to turn this messaging into their own story.

Your employees take pride in what they do – encourage that by instilling the importance of their role as ambassadors of your company’s brand. Encourage leadership to reward those employees who engage and to include their contributions as part of their overall performance assessment.

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