How to Master the Ten Steps to Great Self-Leadership | Tony Curl

Along the way to becoming a great leader, our research indicates there are some clear steps that are generally followed. We have been able to define and characterize and provide valuable tools to help you traverse the steps. Mastering self-leadership is a key ingredient to mastering leadership; the art of influence, the science of behavior are all impacted by our abilities to lead ourselves. Our great leaders of our time have mastered the ability to lead themselves and it starts with some clear concepts. Firstly we will be looking to define “Leadership”. Leadership theory incorporates multitudes of theories and definitions and wading through this quagmire takes time and effort, but in our webinar today, we remove this for you and provide a simple, yet clear definition of leadership for you to hold to.  The definition of leadership we hold to, is one from John Maxwell. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. From there we grow our program with that key aspect in mind.

The second step involves us looking at, what we see as, the keys to leadership. One of those keys steps, is our priorities. What we place importance on, will be replicated in our behaviors, actions and thoughts. But how do we prioritize, let’s look at how practical people get what they want, by first knowing what they want. This is where most people will falter, they have broad desires and cannot get the motivation that specific desires can.

Our third step incorporates that important character foundation of integrity. What are the key actions that people with integrity have and how does that incorporate better role modeling and better behavior and results from the team. The step of integrity builds trust and respect within the team and allows for stronger followership than any other method of influence.


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