How to Get Unstuck & Take Risks/Life Hand breaks | Hisham El Sherbiny

Definition of “being stuck
Any type of hardship or adversity that you want to overcome; you are not happy with the current reality but you find it hard to take the necessary steps forward either.

Webinar Outcomes:
– Identify the reasons that keeps us stuck and how to overcome them.
– Understanding negative people/vibes and how they affect out brain chemicals.
– Transforming our beliefs and taking a risk (3 types of risks).
– Have an Idea?  Learn how to implement them (in any field)  and maximize success rates
through modeling formulas. “next webinar”.
This is an outline of our webinar’s main topic.

This is Hisham EL Sherbiny, TheWakeUpcoach and today I would like to talk about chances; Taking chances ..

Every car comes with an E brake or a handbrake,  the main purpose is to secure the car in its place and not move out of the parking area. Like cars humans as well have their own hand brakes which prevents them from moving forward.
Every time we are about to do something new or take a step towards uncertainty your Handbrake  gets activated; your brain runs an application sometimes unnecessary which is called “What if”.. what if I do it and it things doesn’t work!
For Example:  you’re about to do something new, Perhaps learning a new skill you, or  want to take a new job, or maybe change your career altogether, or maybe even get out of a sucky relationship! BUT because it’s your comfort zone, because this is what you are used to.. your brain immediately activates your handbrake and tries to prevent you from taking a step towards any uncharted territories.
Who says that taking a step or taking a risk is BAD for you?? How do you know?
What are you afraid of?
Speaking of being afraid;  Humans have only two types of fear:
– The fear of loud noise and the fear of falling, and these are the only two fear which is embedded in our DNA as a protective “primitive” mechanism, everything else is self-imposed every other fear is self-imposed which means it’s not true, we learn different new types of fear from family, society & the education system, media and most of the environment around us  trying to protect us -or so-called protecting us from taking a step forward !

So if you do have a dream or an idea or something that you have a gut feeling about;  something that you really want to do then take the leap!  Stop listening to negative people that have their handbrakes welding them to the ground, preventing everybody around them and radiating the negative energy that things will not work!! That is not true, because; we simply don’t know 😊

Your Reality is your reality, “and like Steve Jobs once said:  stop living someone else’s dream”.

Now let me make it easier for you, when you take that step forward; you don’t know what’s going to happen on the other side right?
Well, there will be two outcomes:

A- Either you’re going make it and in this case you did a great job listing to your gut feeling then you will shut off all the other negative illusions that suggest you will screw up! Hence more self-confidence and further risk taking.

B- But, if you do screw up and fail you’re going to own your self-worth that you’ve tried something new, When we fail we change as a human beings, we become better, stronger and more resilient, you become more aware of your current situation, senses, environment and therefore you are more likely  to take further yet better quality decisions towards another risk, hope an idea or even try a new approach towards your goals and dreams.

I wish you all the best follow your heart life is too short to live someone else’s dream. Thank you.


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