How to Find Your Business Flow in 5 Easy Steps! | GayeLouise O’Brien

Resonating within a natural frequency and magical flow fosters the development of full potential, and leading the life meant to be led.

The webinar gives step-by-step the 5 Keys to SUPER Inner Success, for achieving greater flow, productivity, harmony and success in life and business.

The 5 Keys to SUPER Inner Success will encouragebrain retraining and clarification of values and business direction to ensure enhancement of focus and vitality. It will also allow for more positive and effective changes in the work environment in the areas of self-management and in interpersonal relationships with staff, clients and customers.

This process will then provide an opportunity to join the ranks of successful people who have persevered and used their creativity, enthusiasm, knowledge and networking skills to achieve specific outcomes, when others have failed to do so.

The 5 keys to SUPER Inner Success include:

  • Key 1 – S – Sense and visualise specifically what is wanted with eyes closed, cultivating feelings of desire, expectancy, gratitude, appreciation, love, and compassion as well as believing that what is wanted will come to be. Revisit this inner scene daily to achieve greater results. A guided visualisation will be used to promote an expansive mindset and an anchoring technique will be suggested.
  • Key 2 – U – Utilize and assess the variety of assets that an individual already possesses. A talent profile to establish individual strengths, a passion test exercise and a values hierarchy tool will be offered to prospective clients.
  • Key 3 – P – Plan and Set Goals, to establish future direction, desired achievement and connection with others. A power life script will be recommended as well as the adoption of SMART goal setting and a fast activating technique.
  • Key 4 – E – Energize and take inspired action to ensure the certainty of achieving an outcome and ultimately success in an endeavour. A list of suggestions to achieve this will be provided including prioritising and chunking down tasks, taking full responsibilities for actions, playing at 100%, embracing new ideas, establish a workable routine and aiming for continuous improvement and being accountable to a coach.
  • Key 5 – R- Review your journey and what needs to be done differently to achieve greater success next time, recognising that there is no failure only feedback and self-reflecting on what needs to stopped, started or continued to be done, to guarantee personal and business growth.


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