How to explain Professionalization | Bill Barry

This webinar provides information from experiences, situations, dilemmas, confrontations, and a counter idea more known by teachers, researchers, and those with the education, and the qualifications from an accredited learning organizations, universities who provide more than an “adequate,” teacher/training. In fact, ideas for today’s teachers for the 21 centuries, are presented, updated, and remain essential for pre-professionals.

Professionalization is a respectful position for an educated person who has been through proper coursework, training, from an accredited university, has taken their time during a supervised number of weeks and months, who has the qualifications to be a teacher.

The word ‘inadequate,’ for this webinar is defined because it becomes synonymous with how a university teacher-training program. Student teachers have been very well informed about the past, the present and for future objectives. Then these same individuals go to a school, believing what they know, and desire the best for students. Within a short period, new teachers or those who are entering a new environment, get the feeling of being inadequate from those who do not to know what they are talking about, or who they are talking to, who are better informed.

My Disclaimer: This webinar is for information has been formed from my experiences, accomplished and known research literature, as well as my observations, witnessed, or by others, or both. I claim no personal fault with any individual or groups of individuals, and titles, who may feel unable to securely be comfortable about my message for learners, simply as information. I am also very aware this happens across many industries in one form or another. Some may call it bullying, or intimidation. Most of the chosen words are condescending.
Research literature references provides a more professional approach necessary for 21 century learning from qualified and appropriate leveled people. Those who do the research know this. Those who practice the research know this. There is no longer a need for a social experiment of teachers.

Word Games Played and Playing
How does a teacher get ahead?
There may be nothing literally wrong with power and control in an international school setting, these are the “what’s in life and the workplace” many leadership books fill bookstores and online rows and columns of selections. Let’s take the time, and simply see and listen to some of the words, and breathe life into ourselves and our strengths as human beings.
Issues: Training is more than adequate, it is excellent, current. Examples, including who (teachers) writes the curriculums (commentary)

Further definitions are presented to suggest a resolution, for teachers, with pros/cons of social dilemmas. The past, present evidence of how society has taken teachers into more negative than positive, and why this should be better.

My conclusions, recommendations to free your mind, with more justice toward deserving respect and support to acknowledge professionalization for teachers.
A defining list for teachers who are leaders is given an offering, how-to be successful: as a teacher – leader.

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