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Conscious awareness

It’s more then just being a leader, when you influence others, they allow you to affect their lives. Consciousness and awareness are interchangeable terms; they pretty much have the same meaning. Reality is everything you experience in this world and 95% of this is created by your sub-consciousness mind. It’s there working in the background, remembers every single thing/experience and its helps you survive in this world.

Conscious awareness only makes 5% of what happens to you. The more aware we are the higher our level of operation will be and the more we will accomplish in this world. So it is an integral part of leadership.

Levels of Consciousness

Everything around us is energy and we all are made up of many tiny particles of energy. The level these particles vibrate brings the difference in the levels of consciousness and energy people have. This level goes from 1000 all the way down to 20. The person who is at energy level 20 will be feeling miserable. When you interact with people their level of consciousness can effect your level of energy. Individuals like Buddha and Mahattma Gandhi had energy levels of 1000 and 780 where Adolf Hitler had it at 90. So as a leader, the impact you have on other’s lives is very large as compared to someone who is not a leader.

What type of Leader Are You?

When you know where you are, you know what you need to do to improve more and grow.

  • (Lowest level) Level 1: The dictator level (I am the boss! Push them rather convince them to shift)
  • Level 2: I care (They reach out, connect and form relationship with people they work with)
  • Level 3: I can make it happen! (people follow you because you have results and have hit targets)
  • Level 4: I Empower (you are ready to support others to step up themselves)
  • Level 5: I create leaders of leaders (they start to invest in leadership within their organization)
  • Level 6: Ultimate Leadership (Its not just about a person, it’s a bigger view/vision)

Difference Between Doing and Being

Doing is hard work and its what we encourage to do most of the time Our whole world is designed to teach people on how to do work. Being on the other hand is allowing yourself time for contemplation. Doing is taking actions ‘ABC’ and being is not becoming sabotaged with the results.

How We create Anything?

We are constantly creating things in this world. The process of creating is exactly the same

Thought → every single thing in this world starts with a thought

Emotion → is a desire, curiosity to build that thought/desire (uncontrollable)

Action → the thought and emotion are derived in the action by the programs build in us when we were children.

How to Create Influence?

The world we live in is very outward focus. We constantly think of ways we can change the people according to our beliefs, but we must know that you should be the change that you want in others. The change starts from you and once you change yourself the world around you appears differently. As soon as you blame others for anything that means you are powerless. To change means to take responsibility. The more you take responsibility of yourself the more influence you have on others.

Power Vs Force

Power is something we all live with. It lies within ourselves and we are unable to use it properly. The power of love, influence or inspiration is way stronger then force. Whenever, anything is forced there is resistance to it, where power is being and allowing. By using force things break and shatter and when you use power, you create harmony and beauty.

How to Create Results?

  • Know the outcome you want—your vision. (where you want to go),
  • Brains storm your possible steps and take those steps,
  • And take unattached actions

Keep your opportunities open to get amazing results, the moment you limit them you lose the chance to get to something which is quite amazing.


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