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Schools and businesses are starting to understand the importance of wellbeing in schools and in the workplace. The question we are constantly asked is. “But…how do we teach children and how do we introduce positive education/psychology into our workplace/school?”

What we have discovered is many businesses and schools do not know where to start. They are unaware of how to make the shift to embed a deep culture of gratitude in the workplace and school. Once you make the following shifts the culture of your workplace and school will flourish. Here are the key shifts:

Not Investing In Wellbeing > Investing In Wellbeing

  • You will be surprised by the number of employees and students who are battling with issues away from the workplace and school. However, the stress and trauma the outside issues are causing have a dramatic effect on an employees/students productivity, relationships and resilience at work/school. Therefore effecting the culture.
  • We are also seeing something called Gratitude Deficit Disorder in the workplace. This means the vast majority of businesses believe an employees pay cheque is the way of thanking them for their service. People work for different reasons and one being psychological stimulation/reward. As humans want to be appreciated and recognised.
  • A recent study of over 2000 employees conducted at the University of California, Berkeley revealed only 10% of employees felt they regularly expressed gratitude at work. Also, a very interesting result from the study was a whopping 93% of employees felt that grateful leaders are more likely to succeed and almost all believe gratitude was important in the workplace.

No Cultivation > Cultivation

  • You must explicitly teach children (and adults) what gratitude, kindness, empathy, compassion, mindfulness, positive reflection and resilience actually is and looks like.
  • Once an understanding is developed, it is essential we consciously practice short 2-10 minute activities on a daily basis to cultivate gratitude, kindness, empathy, etc. Overtime, with regular practice we will become unconsciously grateful, kind, empathetic, etc.

Once we make gratitude and the other positive habits part of who we are these are the benefits:

  • Greater productivity and creativity
  • Better relationships
  • Better leaders and negotiators
  • Less depressed and anxious
  • Better physical health
  • Cope better with stress and trauma
  • More resilient
  • Commit to achieving goals

Who wouldn’t want to see such changes in their workplace or school?

Professor Martin Seligman, one of the founders of positive psychology discovered the benefits and we discovered similar findings in our school research Professor Debbie Price and Professor Deborah Green from the University of South Australia

Lack of Consistency > Consistency

  • Gratitude is pretty much useless unless you practice. To see and feel the benefits you need to practice the positive habits on a daily basis to make it part of who we are.
  • Allow 2-10 minutes a day to consciously cultivate the positive habits.
  • Ideally at the start of each day.

Lack of Awareness You Can Cultivate Gratitude and Happiness > Aware you Can Cultivate

  • It’s not your fault if you didn’t know the power of gratitude, kindness, empathy, etc. Furthermore you can be forgiven if you didn’t know you can cultivate these positive habits. Not many people do.
  • Once you are aware you can change/enhance the culture of your business the investment in time is your friend.

Not Knowing How to Reframe > Reframing

  • Reframing is putting things in a different frame/perspective, particularly for overcoming challenges and adversity. It is the key to our resilience and happiness/joy.
  • Reframing will come quicker when we have made gratitude, kindness, empathy and compassion part of who we are.

Overwhelmed By How to Teach It > Investing in a Evidence Program

  • Businesses and schools will come to us not knowing where to start. We often are asked: “Do we attend conferences and training days? Do we do courses? Do we read different materials?
  • We strongly recommend investing in evidence based programs. Evidence based programs bring 2 things:
  1. New ideas
  2. Scientifically proven methodology

Checkout our evidenced resources here:

Primary Schools & Family Homes:

Businesses & High Schools:

What You Need to win

  1. Allocate small pockets of time to consciously cultivate gratitude
  2. Consistency is your key
  3. Make it fun and engaging
  4. The investment in time is your friend
  5. Invest in a evidence based program.

These 5 shifts alone are enough to help you start a HIGH quality Positive Education program in your business and school.

Need Help Changing/Enhancing the Culture of Your Business or School?

We exist to serve. If you would like help in changing/enhancing the culture business or school, we can help you embed a deep culture of gratitude into your workplace and school. Feel free to contact me at We also provide in person training for businesses and schools, keynotes and we provide one-one consultation.

We also provide an outstanding resource for families, so they can embed a culture of gratitude in the family home.

We have a an outstanding partnership with the University of South Australia where we specifically scientifically test the Growing With Gratitude Primary School Whole School Approach.

We have recently collaborated with Be Intent to help bring the best available resource to businesses and high schools. Suzanne Hall is the founder. She travelled the world, interviewing the best Positive Psychologist in aim of developing a highly impactful resource to change the lives of people and to help businesses grow. She has developed a tool that identifies an individual needs, develops a solution and measures if it’s working. Some of the worlds largest companies, such as Virgin use the tool.


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