Highly Effective Business Success Tips for Entrepreneurs | Ted Landgraf

Its all about analyzing your life, your actions, how you approach each day in your life, each week, each month, how you interact with others, your attitudes (the only thing you can control), your behaviors, goal setting and other necessary areas.

You need to look into things you did or did not do, the outcome of your actions and you need to create your plan based on those outcomes, follow it, re-assess the outcomes and change your plan and optimize it for optimum outcomes.

Weekly, assess what you and your team did last week, what they are doing this week, what could be done and what their goals are, what happened, why it happened and how we can change it.

You need to consider some of these points from over 48 points when you are making/optimizing your plans:

  1. Write down your goals and what’s going on with those goals, what you are doing to achieve those goals.
  2. Everyday chose to excel and produce, chose to be excellent with everything with a vision.
  3. Applying total commitment is really essential for success which never happens overnight and takes years to build.
  4. Be organized – that’s really critical, organize yourself.
  5. Keep good records.
  6. Engage in the profits and financial success of others.
  7. Stay accessible via different means such as cell, phone, voice mail, email and other means.
  8. Promptly return calls.
  9. Stay informed through communication, training, reading, etc.
  10. Follow up with team, staff, prospects and clients.
  11. Keep your agreements, contracts and appointments in check.
  12. Never give up.
  13. Do not get discouraged.
  14. Never talk bad about others.
  15. Stay serious about your business and life.
  16. Posses self-esteem- understand who you are and appreciate that.
  17. Humor is very important and is the key to health well being and success.
  18. Be against laziness, represent things you believe in.
  19. Show professionalism and be responsible.
  20. Represent great products and services.
  21. Recognize and praise organization and team achievers.
  22. Be glad on other’s success.
  23. Have weekly business plans and asses whether you are staying with that plan?
  24. Associate yourself with positive people and stop the blame game.
  25. Stay realistic about expectations and efforts and never get affected by negative comments. Etc.

Remember to be yourself, and do not let people, circumstances, and what you have or have not done in the past hold you back! Maybe the past isn’t so great, maybe you didn’t accomplish things as you thought; maybe you come from a family that wasn’t so great, whatever it is, write things down what you want to change and make a plan to improve/ change them.


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