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Its important that we get more people to buy our sells. We cant stay in business if people don’t buy what we have to sell. The most important thing is to figure out how we can create products and services that enforce people to buy them and tell others about our products and services as well.

The challenge is today more then ever, it is no longer sufficient to be faster and better with what we did yesterday and expect people to buy our products tomorrow. Competition and innovation has increased in the number of products and services that we offer. So it is no longer okay to expect that we continue doing what we did yesterday and attract more customers. Therefore it is important to be good in predicting and navigating our companies to where they are tend to be in future so that the customers keep buying our products and service.

The fact is: No Body Buys Anything

When a customer enters into a shopping mall he/she is bombarded with number of products and options within the same products. They are desperate for us to help them in choosing the right product as they are confused over what to choose. So we as a company should play the role of helping these customers to choose us over other similar products. And this is the only way we can stay in business when we have majority customers choosing our product/services.

How to Ensure in Today and Future that Customer Choose Our Product?

There is one thing that best companies do which are successful throughout is to find the way to be different from their competitor in a way that their customers value them (they are ready to give you the money then to all other products in market). Companies that are unable to do this eventually fail!

How to Build a Brand and how it Works?

A brand resides in the mind of an individual decision maker who is going to choose to either give you their money or to your competitors or not to spent money at all.

Their decisions are partly rational and partly emotional. We have a logical side to our brain, but in every decision there is also an emotional side (how it would make us feel, what the risks are in this decision). Everything in this life has a brand. For example days in your life: Monday is a sad day and Friday is a happy day as it marks start of weekend. And they navigate the decisions in our day to day life.

Businesses that struggle or fail lack the clarity about what makes them different in a way that customers would buy their products and services versus other brands out there. And it’s the opposite in case of successful businesses.

4 Questions that World’s best brands use?

To have clarity about why people should choose them always in present and future, these are the 4 questions that world’s best brands use to stay successful.

  1. Who are your ideal customers?

    So many times companies are afraid to eliminate any potential customers so to have largest base of customers to just to make most money. Companies that narrow their customer base tend to grow faster, as they customize the products thus improving customer experience and acquiring brand loyal customers by making them feel special offering them customized products.

  2. What are they looking for?

    These are the customer’s insights, once you know them you will serve them better then others. Customers make decision on 3 different levels:

    • Price of entry-Level 1
    • Rational Level- level 2
    • Emotional Level- Level 3

    The companies that succeed the most just don’t talk about any one level (entry price), they also talk about rational and logical reasons why they are best as well as emotional reasons.

  3. What’s your outcome?

    As business owners we talk about ourselves, but what we must remember is customers don’t care about you or your products/services they care about themselves and what your product/service is going to give them. The most important thing in advertising is telling your customer what you are going to deliver in their perspective and only then you can talk about yourself.

  4. What’s your because? The power of using a ‘because’

    ‘Because’ always give the customer the right reason to buy your products/services. The word ‘because’ itself influences the people to make a different decision. Our brain processes so much information daily so in order to prefer one choice over another requires a reason. When we listen to the word ‘because’, it gives us a reason to do/not to do something. So correctly using the word because in your advertising is self implying the customers to buy your products/services then others. Tell them why your products/services are better then others, correctly using ‘because’ make your outcomes more believable, repeatable (loyal customers), unique and distinct (they will give you their money versus anyone out there).


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