“Feelogical” Formula of Achieving ALL Goals | Mohammad Salman Anjum

What is “Feelogical”?

It is a portmanteau or combination word of feeling and logic. Both of them together make a “formula of every success”.

Why be a “Feelogical”?

This combo of success can be easily found in every success.

Starting from ancient times to modern days – each goal achievement has these two of them together as unavoidable ingredient. Goal achievement starts with feeling (emotion, motivation or idea) and happens to be a reality only with logic (reasoning, structured action).

Reflect in your own personal or work life:

  • Every tiny or giant goal you achieved was a result of when you backed your feeling with logical actions or you used your feeling as fuel for the vehicle of actions to reach the destination.
  • Every missed goal or failure you faced was a consequence of one of these missing.

How to be Feelogical?

To be Feelogical and reach all your goals following elements needs to be internalized.

  1. Have A Direction/Purpose
    • Starting point to become Feelogical is to have your direction or purpose first.
    • We all have 24 hours in a day – what makes a difference in an average person and successful person is that successful person passes the 24 hours with direction or purpose.
    • “One is least productive when he has no direction to go.”
  2. Don’t be Sheeple
    • Sheeple are people having characteristics of sheep. Like following herd leader blindly & passing a routine life.
    • You need Direction but Direction with internal Drive.
    • Don’t follow the goals set for you by others, decide your own direction.
    • Don’t be a creature of routine.
    • Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
    • Think about what you want, and not about what other people expect you to want!
  3. Dare to Dream & Desire
    • Goal achievers are those who dream big, desire big.
    • Desire is like a fire – weaker the fire the weaker will be the heat. Weaker the desires – weaker the results
    • Man is what he thinks – desires and dreams are like hidden seeds of thought which eventually creates all actions.
  4. Convert Your Dreams into SMART Goals
    • If it is not SMART – It is not goal.
    • Goal should be Specific
      • More clear is your goal, your brain knows more clearly how to get there.
    • Goal should be Measureable
      • ‘If you cannot measure it, you cannot achieve it’.
    • Goal should be Achievable
      • Goal should be stretching but still in reach.
    • Goal should be Relevant
      • Goals must be relevant to your purpose or direction.
    • Goal should be Time Bound
      • Set the time limit of days/weeks/months etc.
  1. Know the Whys of Your Goals
    • Whys or Motivators keeps you going when things get tough.
    • The give reason to think before you quit.
    • “Strong answer to WHY – simple gets the answer to HOW”
  2. Take Profound Action
    • You can’t fulfill your destiny on a theory… it takes work!
    • “Well done is better than well said.”
  3. Stay Disciplined
    • If you can stick with a goal for long enough, you’ll almost always get there eventually.”
    • Discipline is bridge between the goal setting and goal achievement.
  4. 3 Rs of Goal Achievement – Review, Reward & Renew
    • Reviewing regularly or accountability appointment to check in on the status of your goal progress will increase the probability of meeting your goal by 95%.
    • If have not tied your goal with some reward – means you r not thinking to achieve it yet.
    • You always go as far as you see and when you reach there you always be able to see further. Once reached to goal – raise the bar and set next goals.

So in short Feelogical Formula to achieve all goals is to combine and align the powers of your feeling (heart) and logic (mind).


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