Employee Empowerment – A tool to success!

Ownership, to anything is the main reason for its success. When a company’s employees are empowered they are tend to be more confident, committed, loyal and conscientious. They are eager to share their ideas and can serve as strong representatives of their organizations. The principle of employee empowerment pertains to management allowing employees to make decisions that affect their jobs rather than having to clear everything with managers. This make them feel empowered over their decisions and therefore, they own their actions, results and are definitely more efficient as compared to employees who are not given this authority. Two of the key elements of employee empowerment are an efficient hiring system and constant training.

Empowering employees leads to organizational encouragement of entrepreneurial traits and prompts employees to make decisions, take action, and foster their belief that they can take control of their own destinies. This belief leads to self-motivation and a sense of independence that is translated into greater loyalty and extra effort for the organization. There are several advantages to employee empowerment, ranging from monetary savings to better work relationships, to name a few:

Improved Productivity

Employees have great ideas about how to improve productivity, but companies need to know how to ask for these ideas and listen. Employees who feel confident that their input will be valued, listened to and acted upon will be more likely to share those ideas, benefiting employee and employer.

Higher Morale

Employees who are empowered in their jobs feel a stronger sense of responsibility concerning productivity. Putting employees in charge of their own results has a positive effect on morale. Empowered employees know that their ideas matter to the success of the company, so they tend to take a greater interest in creating a more efficient and profitable company. Higher morale means that employees take less scheduled time off and productivity increases. This all has a positive effect on the company bottom line.

Better Customer Service

Empowered employees have the power to make decisions without a supervisor, he/she is able to create a feeling of true customer service that ultimately yields much greater customer loyalty. Companies that give employees the freedom to make decisions on the spur of the moment, contradictory to rules and laws, often find that service to internal and external customers is improved. In addition, empowered employees take pride and ownership in their jobs when they know that they can exercise independent judgment when necessary.

Increased Safety

When employees are involved with the personal management of their tasks and assignments, they are empowered to work within the boundaries that enable them to make their jobs safer and more efficient. Most companies report a reduction in workers’ compensation claims and, as a result, see lower insurance premiums. This can provide significant savings, especially in the manufacturing environment where frequent accidents occur. When employees understand the financial impact of these claims, they are motivated and empowered to make the necessary changes to increase safety.

Direct Accountability

Empowering employees to make their own decisions means that employees have direct accountability for their jobs. This is advantageous for companies, because instead of harnessing managers with the responsibility for all decisions, employees pick up some of the decision-making slack. Thus, it is easier to pinpoint the exact sources of issues. Companies can offer specific employees training and any other information needed to correct errors as opposed to spending time and money training entire departments.

Acceptability to Change

Employees and the companies they work for can become too complacent, doing things the way they’ve always done them. Unless employees feel comfortable questioning the status quo, those companies are likely to stagnant as competitors move swiftly past them. Establishing an environment when employees feel free to question, challenge and offer new ideas can help to avoid this problem and benefit employees and employers in the process.


There is a demonstrable relationship between an enlightened workplace and overall performance. Companies who have empowered their employees are more productive, retain more customers and are more profitable. They are able to withstand economic pressures and competitive demands because of overall employee involvement.

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