Do You Know The 10 Things All Successful Entrepreneurs Do? | Dr. Steven Edwards

Entrepreneurship is an essential element to gain a competitive edge in this globalized world where changes is a constant factor.


Change has always been inevitable and you must learn to embrace it in order to survive and gain an edge. It is a fundamental phenomenon: what worked today may not work tomorrow; therefore, flexibility and adaptability are highly essential. Business moves at the speed of light, there is no “down time”, and those who succeed long-term have an entrepreneurial mindset and skills set.

What is mindset?

Mindset is really an attitude. It is about a perception and belief that you have skills and you can constantly develop and grow that skills. But when we talk about attitude, it is critical for successful entrepreneurs, they always belief that there is going to be a better day and are always positive. If we have the right mind set we will engage and find new ways to improve upon and develop those skills, and without positive attitude and proper mind set it is impossible to be a successful entrepreneur.

The essential BIG 10 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

  1. Successful Entrepreneurs Have A Vision: They know where they are going and have a very strategic approach to getting there.
  2. Successful Entrepreneurs Build Networks: Successful entrepreneurs are always networking their network and everybody else’s. For them every introduction/connection is an opportunity to extend your network.
  3. Successful Entrepreneurs Always See the Glass Half Full: Successful entrepreneurs can put a positive spin on everything. They take every interaction, every situation and every event and make it a positive experience.
  4. Successful Entrepreneurs Hang Around with Tiggers: Successful entrepreneurs connect with positive people and stay positive. They seek out those individuals who get up everyday looking at the world through “rose colored glasses”.
  5. Successful Entrepreneurs Stay a Step Ahead: A true entrepreneur never thinks they have it “figured out”. They stay a step ahead by being aware about:
    • Aware of your industry
    • Aware of the market and your markets
    • Aware of opportunities by being connected
  6. Successful Entrepreneurs are Data Driven: They are risk takers; they take that data and use it for their advantage. Knowing the data for your markets is critical
  7. Successful Entrepreneurs Focus on Service First: : If you put money and profit over service you may have short-term wins, but your business will not survive over the long haul. Successful entrepreneurs put service first and dollar signs second.
  8. Successful Entrepreneurs See Setbacks as Opportunities: Setbacks are inevitable and successful entrepreneurs learn from them. They seek every set back as an opportunity for new learning, reflect, analyze and move forward.
  9. Successful Entrepreneurs Deliver on Promises: Successful entrepreneurs never over promise and under deliver. They make sure they have the capacity to make true on their promises.
  10. Successful Entrepreneurs Never Make Excuses:

    They take responsibility of their actions and own their decision. They never make excuses for the results of their own decisions and do not leave the opportunity for others as well to make excuses; this is the key to protect them from falling short.


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