Business Leader Series: A Model for Ethical Decision-Making | Vanessa Avery

Decision-making is a business leader skill.  Senior executives are faced with billions of decisions every day, and are in fact paid to make these tough decisions.  Whether an executive is successful is often the result of how successful their decisions have been. Given these high stakes, it’s incredible to note that, according to Ohio State […]

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It’s time to step down as a manager – 5 Top Signs

Change is a continuous process, be it for the organization as a whole or for the individuals. Managers must realize this fact and understand that what worked once might not work always and forever. Strategies require new dimensions, new thoughts, new perceptions, in short a completely new management style. Managers who were promoted to the […]

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Change Management and Role of Leader


In today’s dynamic business environment, change has become more of a compulsion then an option to any surviving organization. Constant change due to rising crisis or transformation towards betterment; every organization must learn to come out of their inertia and adopt these changes. But the hurdle in this way is the attitude of the people, […]

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7 Vocational Skills To Acquire In Competitive Business Landscape

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Unlike the college graduates who always lament the lack of job opportunities, graduates from vocational schools find it rather easy to land their desired jobs. This is because there are plenty of vocational professions which are in high demand especially among skilled labor, medical industry and financial services. I also recommend youngsters or even experienced […]

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