Become Linked In with LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

It’s the world largest professional network with over 300 million strong users around the world. It’s a great place to build your career and learn and share. You have connect to 10 – 15 new interesting people daily from different professions under the tile of professors, strategic partners or people working on the same level as yours. Now there is no need to have the direct email of the organizations/people you want to connect with like 10 years before. Through LinkedIn the reach of/to these organizations have became very easy suing mutual connections. It also allows you to subscribe to different stories/presentations etc posted by your connections.

Use It To:

Join Groups

Look for groups that are related to your industry, are relevant to your interest, regional to yourself in sense of your community/country, about new industry trends, or groups you already belong to: your organizations group/ your university alumni group or even groups of organizations/universities/etc which you are not even a direct member of but are interested in. you can join up to 50 groups to connect to people out of your comfort area.

As A CRM Tool on Individual Level

  • Comment on status updates of peers
  • Ask for recommendations from client, this will improve client trust when he/she will look at their recommendations on your profile
  • Update your work status
  • Search groups related to your field status updates
  • Upload complete profile on your resume. With LinkedIn there are no restrictions on number of job experiences you can add. You now have the flexibility of inserting a job you did 20/30 years back and avail the opportunity of connecting with people who knew you in that role at that time.

As A CRM Tool on Company Level

  • Develop your very own professional updated company home page
  • Avail the services to advertise your company page on your LinkedIn home page, to make it stand out a little more and target greater audience.
  • Research what other companies have added to their profiles and add the features that might appeal you to your own profile.

Keep in Touch

You can utilize LinkedIn profile to stay in touch with people of your interest on daily basis. Now you can stay in touch with your former employer/employee, professors and classmates. You can remember and wish them their birthdays, work anniversaries inform them about your business trips and schedule meetings with them to stay connected and maintain a sustainable relationship with your employer/employees/clients/predecessors/etc.

Generate Leads

  1. Create Strong Professional Brands
    1. Increase your interaction and try to interact on daily or weekly/30 days/60 days quarterly or bi-annual basis
    2. Use ‘keep in touch’ tab to indicate yourself about what’s going on in industry and as a reminder to stay in touch
    3. Dedicate just 15 minutes of your day before breakfast/lunch and dinner to follow up on your profile and update it.
    4. Join groups and regularly engage in discussions
  2. Ask Insightful Questions
    1. Follow news about prospective businesses
    2. Share interesting publications
    3. Follow companies to understand their needs through their news updates/ comments/ personal messages
  3. Build Trusted Relationship
    1. Get introduced through referrals or common connections
    2. Understand the needs of the clients first and then sell them solutions not the product, it gives better opportunity to build long lasting relationships.

Outstanding Features of LinkedIn

Homepage Shows

  • Who has messaged you
  • Who wants to add you
  • New connections in your circle
  • News updates

Share Updates

Find interesting articles and share it with general public/ own connections via

LinkedIn and as well as twitter.


  • Keep track of conversations you had
  • Background on who you had talked to
  • Long range overview of conversations you had
  • Attach pictures and attachments to jazz up contact with your connections

Profile you can have

  • Professional Looking picture
  • Headline
  • What you have done
  • Languages you speak
  • Organizations you have participated
  • Blogging
  • Skills
  • Trainings
  • Organization/support/projects that you have worked with/on.
  • Volunteer work you have done
  • Recommendations

You must update your profile on regular basis to improve your profile viewership

a newly added feature which allows you to learn from trusted experts from different areas like technology/business and allows you to learn from their experiences.



  1. Update your profile on regular basis. Reach upto 100 connections and see the difference
  2. To become more influential in a group
    1. Make more comments on other people’s contribution
    2. Make some weekly contribution to your group (like posting a blog/article)
    3. Like other’s posts so they can do the same for your posts
  3. There is no major difference between a premium and free account other than to get known to people out of your network. So make the most out of your account

Work in three times a day for few minutes on your profile during a week and you will develop you LinkedIn profile in the CRM tool you have always wanted.

Robert Braathe

Founder Braathe Enterprises, Facilitator – Professor – Former Manager at Disney, Gap & Apple – New York – Nashville., Albany, New York Area.He has 500+ connections on LinkedIn.


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