Achieve your Biggest Dream in 2017 using Strategic Thinking | Dwight Bain

This webinar will rapidly take you deep into the strategic planning process of how you can leverage more results out of a shorter period of time. New Year’s Resolutions are a waste of paper for most people because they have no sense of how to achieve what they are fantasizing about. Their big dreams lead to crushing disappointment because of the lack of a tested application process. The sad irony for big dreamers is that they set themselves up for a feeling of perpetual failure by thinking big without a proven path toward scalable results.

If you want to experience the most productive year of your life, with fewer distractions and wasted effort then this is the perfect training time to quickly guide you through the steps of building your most successful year as a business professional while maintaining balance in your family life. Too many people win at work, while losing at love because they can’t keep a sense of structured balance in their life. Strategic thinking is a necessary skill to prevent that type of painful failure.

This extremely high-content presentation will give you dozens of personal applications to achieve scalable and measurable results. Hurry, this webinar will fill up very quickly with highly-motivated individuals and you do not want to miss out on the strategic approach used by top-performers to achieve more, with less stress. This approach gives the individual mental toughness to face, and then accomplish more in a fraction of the time. Many people don’t realize how much time they actually waste with meaningless day-dreams or distracting media. Strategic thinkers have mastered the art of knowing where they are the most effective to achieve more and creatively move into that area, while leaving the non-productive emotions or behaviors behind.

Too many people talk about the life they want, but do little to nothing other than talk. Lacking strategic planning and intentional application they actually fall further and further behind their potential, never realizing their life purpose. The philosopher Henry David Thoreau described it this way, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation,” because he observed people act like they have a sense of the life they want on the outside, while feeling desperately empty and unfulfilled on the inside. Limited living, where a person only experiences a fraction of the joy and fulfillment they could know is one of the saddest things to witness, yet right now you know someone who will miss out on a better life because of the mental roadblocks they are carrying around inside.

Dwight Bain is a trusted author and clinical professional with over 30 years of experience in guiding individuals past serious roadblocks in their personal or professional life. This interactive webinar will include practical application you can use within minutes to be more productive and fulfilled. His high-energy presentations, full of valuable content are the perfect way to map out the most fulfilling year of your life, while having fun in the process.


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