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7 Vocational Skills To Acquire In Competitive Business Landscape

Unlike the college graduates who always lament the lack of job opportunities, graduates from vocational schools find it rather easy to land their desired jobs. This is because there are plenty of vocational professions which are in high demand especially among skilled labor, medical industry and financial services. I also recommend youngsters or even experienced professionals to give it a try and you might end up working in an in demand career.

  • Construction:

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA, there will be whopping 1.8 million more jobs in construction industry by year 2020. More importantly, wages and salary in construction industry are increasing at a rate of 2.9% per year, making construction as the top industry in terms of salary growth rate. Some of the most in demand construction workers include plumbers, elevator installers, electricians and building inspectors.

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance:

Perhaps the industry which will have most number of jobs in coming years is health care. Your future is indeed bright if you are able to interact with people in health care. In fact, health care is currently the most in demand industry with more than 5.6 million new jobs for health care and social assistance professionals. Residential care and facility, hospitals, home health services, daycare services and work in health offices are some of the jobs which fall under this category.

  • Manufacturing:

The high demand of manufacturing students is evident from the fact that manufacturing companies hire them even before they complete their education. If you have advanced training in skills like machine shop math, machine shop technology or computer design, you will not have to “beg” for the job. In fact, the starting salary for the people with advanced manufacturing skills can be up to 40K per year which can rise to 60-70K within a couple of years.

  • Veterinary Technology:

It is not surprising to learn that demand for vets is constantly on the rise because pets and animals are an integral part of human life to say the least. Vet industry is growing at a rate of 52% which means there will be millions of new job openings for vets by 2020. You can get certified in veterinary technology by taking a postsecondary vocational program. Typical salary range for vets is $29k to $44k per year.

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting:

Financial support staff always remains in high demand and you should definitely consider taking a vocational course in bookkeeping or accounting. It is expected that this very sector will enjoy approximately 14% growth rate by 2020 and job openings will increase from 1.9 million to 2.2 million. Average annual wage for bookkeeping professionals is $34,000 a year.

  • Computer Support:

The need for computer support specialists is constantly growing, thanks to ever increasing number of hardware and software equipment with different uses and complexity levels. These specialists, after getting a vocational training certificate, can earn up to $50,000 a year.

  • Dental Care:

Dental Hygienists will never be out of business because they are responsible for carrying out many of the preventive services, necessary for care of our teeth. These professionals do not only clean teeth and examine patients but provide necessary education as well. Usually, you have to get an associate degree in dental hygiene to start working in this industry. You can easily earn approximately $70,000 per year.

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