7 Steps to Create Your Personal Life Plan | Nadia Leona Yunis

We spend the majority of our life following other people’s agendas and imitating their lifestyle and then we wonder why we are still unhappy and unfulfilled. We get to the end of our life and realise that we wasted it by wanting what others had but never actually knowing what we wanted for ourselves and how we wanted to live our life.

We fail to realise that all along we have free will to choose and create the life we want to live now.

To live a happy and successful life we must take some time out and actively plan our life and then spend our days mastering it and living it with excellence.

It’s time to take inventory of our life now and create those positive changes so we can create healthy habits which will lead us to live our authentic life of happiness and fulfilment.

We begin by raising our awareness level – as this is the start and beginning of all positive change.

  • How aware are you of your own life right now?
  • Who are you?
  • Do you really, truly know yourself?
  • Where are you right now in life? – (in terms of personal success and fulfilment)
  • Which direction do you want to lead your life?
  • Are you currently living your happiest and healthiest life of success and fulfilment?

Once we cananswer these questions for ourselves then it’s time to move on to the next step.

We need to know how to break free from the matrix and take back control of our life and personal space.

Are we aware that we’re stuck in a matrix and following other people’s agendas and plans?

Do we know what influences our life choices and the actions we take – or the actions we don’t take?

Take a moment to journal or write in your notebook or even sit back and reflect.

There are many, many negative influences – both subtle and those that are not so subtle.

We know that media plays a big part in our life choices but do we know to what extent?

How about media personalities and celebrities?

With the rise and rise of social media we can see how celebrity culture has reached epidemics – and an epidemic is never good for us. Many people are also realising its deadly and toxic effects in our life and are actively choosing to limit if from their lives.

Once we have raised our awareness and consciously decided to step away from the matrix and limit its influence in our life we can begin to create our personal life plan using a 7-step system.

This system is a guideline and what works for you, works for you.

It’s good to get inspiration and motivation from those whom you admire and look up to and those with a proven track record of success and fulfilment in all areas of their life however the key to remember is that what works for you, works for you.

We need to be active in creating and living a successful life of mastery and excellence and we must remember that this life is a journey not a destination.

We are a daily work in progress and long lasting success comes from a life of mastery and taking one step at a time.

We must own, honour and master our own unique journey as therein lies our personal life success and fulfilment.


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