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Have you got the Eye of the Owner?

When I ask you, have you got the eye of the owner what do you think I’m referring to?   You might say, “it’s like you treat the business as if you own it”.   You might say, “you are passionate about your role”.

How passionate, how enthusiastic, have you got a vision for your role and your business? How engaged are you in the business?

How to get back 40% of your time and energy instantly

Locus of Control is one of the best things I have ever learnt in my life.  I have made this one of my philosophies that I live by every minute of every day.
Most executives and business women say they are flat out, busy, no time, stressed, anxious, worrying all the time.  So I like to address this issue really early, with my clients.

Usually my clients get back about 40% of their time and energy, just with this principal alone.  Ask yourself, what can I control in this situation?  What can I influence?  What do I have no control or influence over?

How healthy is your Personal Power?

In my coaching practice, we work around this idea of personal power, and ensure you own your own space and feel comfortable in your own skin. As there’s a whole bunch of issues that go along with not having enough personal power. My mission is to work with women to make sure that they are radiating as much heat as they can, so that people notice them and success follows. It is a great skill to have and one of the key essential characteristics for success.

If you haven’t got a lot of personal power you tend to not get a lot of promotions, people tend not to notice you, it is quite easy to be invisible, you tend to people please, with an inability to say no and a general lack of confidence.

How much personal power do you have access to?

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), is one of 9 intelligences. In business, it is considered one of the most important intelligences and is highly valued in business today. In fact, it pretty much determines your career success.

Essentially it is two things. First bit is, ‘know yourself’ and the other part of is ‘know your impact on others’. There is no way you can do the 2nd one without the first bit.  That’s EQ in a nutshell.

Are you on fire?

One of the secrets to success is whether or not you have any initiative. Everyone loves people with initiative. They are people that get things done.

Are your confidence levels holding you back?

We need to first understanding the structure of confidence. Think of a triangle. The first point is self belief, the second point of the triangle is self value and the third point is self assured. When these three things are in balance, you will be confident.

Confident people have a mindset of taking a chance, giving things a go. If you start with good self-belief, you are more likely to think it will add value to your life and you are more likely to work on it, until you are good at it.

The Art of Being Yourself

The most successful people are those that like themselves. If we like ourselves, we will automatically reveal ourselves to others, as we don’t think there is anything wrong with us.

Being Human. Being Yourself. Being Real. Being Authentic. Being True to Yourself is one of the greatest pursuits going on around the world.


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